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“True worth and acceptance can only be sourced from your soul.” ~ Panache Desai

Have you ever heard of  “Caged Bird Syndrome?”  It’s when you don’t trust yourself to make the ‘right’ decision so you make no decision at all, and remain in your ‘comfortable prison.’

You don’t even realize you’re suffering from it, and it’s not your fault: 

  • Our parents (albeit well-intentioned) wrote the script of our negative self-talk, and taught us how to fundamentally seek love/avoid pain.  
  • Society has conditioned us to pay attention to fear, lack & scarcity (just watch the first five minutes of any news program), and compare ourselves to photoshopped-versions of celebrities.
  • Irresponsible celebs are well-paid to convince us that laxative-laden ‘weight-loss’ pills & detox teas are responsible for achieving their aesthetic, when in reality they “have a personal trainer, nutritionist, probably chef, and a surgeon…” ~ (Jameela Jamil)

These fear-based observations and self-limiting beliefs leave us feeling unworthy (I’m not good enough/I’m not attractive enough/I’m not smart enough/What will others think of me/What if I end up alone/What if I fail, etc…), and effectively stuck.

Ready for the good news?  (Drumroll please:)  


  • Mindfulness tunes our thoughts into what we’re experiencing in the present moment, rather than reliving the past or worrying about the future.  
  • Mindful Awareness is the essence of who-you-really-are.  It is based in love and possibility.  It gently grounds you in the present moment and creates space for empowerment, perspective, inspiration and seemingly-magical synchronicities that support your path.  

As your Mindfulness coach, I will compassionately and non-judgmentally hold space for you to identify your limiting beliefs and discover where you are holding yourself back.  

Together, we’ll strategize how to be mindful & more intentional about your thoughts & actions.  

I’m here to guide you out of your cage, and lovingly remind you that: 

all in your head
photo credit: weknowmemes.com

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