“A belief is nothing more than a thought you keep thinking.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

Life is a projection of your beliefs and what you pay attention to (past, present or future). What you focus on expands:  when you focus on the good, the good gets better. When you focus on the bad, the bad gets worse…

Society has conditioned you to pay attention to fear/lack/scarcity—all of which fuel the belief that you are unworthy, and empower guilt/shame/worry.

The good news is you have a superpower:  To let go of limiting beliefs by redirecting your attention.

Limiting beliefs are based in fear, and deflect the truth of who you really are.  They keep you in your comfort zone and prevent you from seeing what’s possible.

Mindful awareness is based in love and possibility.  It allows you to be your authentic self, which creates space in your life for Love, Acceptance, Abundance, Peace, Fulfillment, and seemingly-magical synchronicities that support your path.

With compassion and honest self-reflection, we’ll identify your limiting beliefs and discover where you’re holding yourself back. Together, we’ll strategize how to be mindful & more intentional about your thoughts & actions.

It can be spiritual, meditative, fun like a game, or all three!

I promise to be a gentle, compassionate, non-judgmental ear and remind you of what your soul already knows:

all in your head
photo credit: weknowmemes.com