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Hello!  I am Jennifer Townsend, Mindfulness Coach & owner of Universal Mindfulness, LLC.

As a result of some traumatic childhood (and adulthood) experiences, I struggled with insecurity, had low self esteem and major abandonment issues.

I ALSO had some amazing mentors who appeared throughout my life at just the right times.  They demonstrated unconditional love, introduced me to meditation (I’ve been a practicing meditator for 28 years), and exposed me to various spiritual thinkers.

I learned that I have a Superpower.  So do you:  To Be Your Authentic Self.

I have an (ongoing/evolving) understanding of how ‘The Universe’ works.  I offer tools & simple solutions utilizing the laws/principles of The Universe as I understand them.


My main influences are Wayne Dyer, Panache Desai, Abraham-Hicks, and Kyle Cease.