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“Jennifer is a compassionate, intuitive coach with a gift for understanding a client’s experience in the physical world as well as their spiritual connection to it.  She quickly grasped the core of the obstacle I was facing, asking exactly the right questions to help me look deeper and get a clearer view of what’s standing in my way.  Together, we developed a set of action steps that felt perfectly right for me.  Just a few days since our session, I’m already seeing results.” ~ Dawn

“When I had my session with Jennifer, my mind was all over the place.  She really held space for me to be able to share.  She was attentive and was able to keep up with my rapid fire thoughts.  Her calmness allowed me to slow down.  Her interjections with asking the right questions allowed my mind to formulate new possibilities, which really helped to set my thoughts in order.  I was able to come away from our session with a much calmer mind and new actionable steps to move closer to reaching my goals. Thank you, Jennifer!” ~ Connie

“Losing my job was very difficult.  Jennifer Townsend helped me navigate through these stressful times.  She was supportive, understanding, insightful, compassionate and made me feel safe.  She helped me find solutions and share tools to help me stay motivated.” ~ Azucena

“Jennifer emanates wisdom and has an innate ability to reel you back into the essence of who you are.  She is able to see through the fear and anxiety and self inflicted limitations and help you get to the root of it all.  She holds space sacredly as she guides you in conversations that help you discover your triggers and where they might have come from and help you come to conclusions of what might be holding you back.
I always feel lighter and more grounded after talking to her and am able to look at things differently after our sessions.  I am grateful for her life coaching skills and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of someone to talk through things.” ~ Angela

“Jennifer is a great life coach.  She is a terrific listener and was able to reflect back to me my own experience.  With her encouragement and insight, I was able to overcome some challenges I’ve been experiencing in my professional life.  I appreciate Jennifer’s support and recommend her as a coach.” ~ Robert

“I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who is looking to get to the heart of what is holding them back.  She is able to listen and really hear what you’re saying. She then helps to dissect each emotion and it’s cause.  For me it was an emotional pain I’ve unknowingly held onto for 40 years.  She gently encouraged me to finally feel this pain and free myself.  Although it was terrifying she held space and reassured me that I was safe.  I will forever be grateful for this experience.  Jennifer has a very unique approach of treating the whole person and not simply surface symptoms.  Her loving compassion, wisdom and genuine desire to help empower others is truly her gift.” ~ Lisa